Transparency in the APNLC

Although I did lay out a series of criteria that I will look at all together, I wanted to focus on the transparency in the APNLC, because that was something I noticed a lot in the interview. So how is the APNLC transparent with different stakeholders?

With the government (Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, where why get most funding from)

Everything that the APNLC is reported back to the Ministry, who have information database systems that basically ensure transparency. The Ministry holds them accountable for all money spent.

Donors: (Primarily the Catherine Donnelly Foundation)

The foundation gets different information than is sent back to the Ministry, because they have their own protocols, but basically the APNLC does a midterm report (kind of like a report card?) where they record how many people have come to classes, how they are doing with their plan, and then a final report that describes whether they were successful that year, and if not, then why not. As well, often an auditor will look at all the paperwork for the money and write a financial report.

The Community:

The community gets access to a copy of an auditor’s report. Also, one thing I noticed was that on the APNLC website, under the Publications tab, they had annual reports available to view, which summarized the year, as well as listed their funding and how much was spent on different aspects like salary and wages, materials and supplies, etc. (this was actually how I first found out about main donor, the Catherine Donnelly foundation, before I even had the interview. In the annual report they also mentioned other stakeholders, like the Scadding Court Community Centre with their support and collaboration, and the Toronto Library, for providing space, to many others, like individual donors and other companies.

I wanted to make a post all about the transparency in the mechanisms of the APNLC because there simply is so much–in my view, they do really well on this aspect. I don’t see a way that the APNLC can not be transparent.





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