Final thoughts

Challenges and Successes:                                                                                                                     Some of the difficulties with this were that I could not get a super in depth look at the organization. I could not volunteer, because the tutors need to be available for at least 6 months, and I’m a busy high school student who doesn’t really have the time to volunteer multiple hours a week on school nights, and I’m not going to be here this summer. But it might be something to consider when I’m older. It also would have been great to go to their Board meeting, but it’s taking place after the due date of this assignment so that doesn’t work. Aside from that, however, I think I got a good enough sense of the APNLC. They are a really important part of the community, and are really helpful to the people that they work with.

Looking at the Issue:                                                                                                                               There is much more to this issue than I thought there was. Adult literacy is really important, because it helps so much for those who need it. Whether they are newcomers to Canada or are already living here but having trouble, it puts them on a track to support themselves and their family, and live a better, easier life.



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